Culture round-up

For no particular reason except to remind myself what I thought:


& George, by Julian Barnes: Don’t believe the hype. Starts off

well, but has far too much padding. No one cares about whether, why or how Arthur

Conan Doyle related to women and/or fell in love, and we don’t want to spend

hundreds of pages wading through his thought processes while waiting for the

plot to restart. Some wonderful turns of phrase, of course, but not enough to

make the book worth reading.

The Whitney Biennial:

I like messes like this, contemporary life is messy, contemporary art is messy,

and this exhibition reflects that messiness in all its glory. There’s humour

enough here to keep one occupied, and there’s even some good art, too.


Just watched it on DVD, so I’m adding it to the list. Fantastic cast, overly-oppressive

soundtrack. Could have been a great movie, but for the Precocious Kid. But pretty

much anything with Donald Sutherland in it is worth watching.

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