Harry Potter and the cover artists

After posting a query

on Memefirst this morning about the different editions of the Harry Potter books,

I decided to create a little matrix of them all, to see how they compared. Here

it is; for the sake of saving bandwidth, I’ve used thumbnails for the first

four books, and slightly bigger pictures for the most recent one.

UK edition UK adult edition US edition

It’s clear to me that by far the best covers for these books are the last three

episodes of the UK children’s series. The first two are too childish: although

I do appreciate that they’re meant to appeal to younger readers, they don’t

feel like the timeless classics that they surely are. From the Prisoner of Azkaban

onwards, however, we’ve got beautiful covers: magical and appealing, just like

what’s inside.

The UK adult edition was, I think, basically a response to the weakness of

the first two children’s editions in the UK. You could definitely feel like

a bit of a willy reading those books in public, so Bloomsbury intelligently

brought the same books out with smart and sober covers for those of us over

the age of about 13. The first was better than the second, but by the time the

third book came out, the adult covers weren’t really needed any more, since

the children’s covers had grown up. Still, the series kept on going (once you’ve

started, it’s hard to stop) with a couple of rather peculiar dragons, which

weren’t up to the standard of the children’s books at all.

The latest version seems to have given up entirely: they’ve dropped the standard

design template for something which looks like a mass-market thriller: Robert

Ludlum, perhaps, or Frederick Forsyth. And again, the artist is much worse at

drawing phoenixes than the person who did the mainstream edition.

But the US editions, I think, are the worst of the lot. While the cover art

on books one and two in the UK was not very good, at least the rest of the design

was good. But the US publisher created a spiky Harry Potter logotype which they

decided had to be used on all of the books, and it got less and less appropriate

as the series progressed.

And while the UK editions only got better over time, the US editions got steadily

worse. The Goblet of Fire cover, especially, with its inanely-grinning Harry,

fails completely to convey the more grown-up nature of this book. With the Order

of the Phoenix, Scholastic seems to have realised that the series is actually

developing, and tried to reflect that by making the cover monochromatic!

Harry’s not smiling any more, but he seems to have fallen into a cheesy low-budget

haunted-house movie by mistake. And, of course, he’s still got his spiky logo,

looking more and more out of place.

I’d be very interested to know if there’s anyone who prefers the US covers

to the UK ones. I can see why Scholastic might want to use its own designers,

but does anybody think they actually did a better job? Vote now!

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Which Harry Potter covers are the best?

The UK children’s versions

The UK adult versions

The US versions


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118 Responses to Harry Potter and the cover artists

  1. jim says:


  2. rebecca says:

    I love the Swedish covers and Sofia I agree with you on your opinion about the books. im from england but my dad is from Sweden so I own both the brittish and the swedish books and I think the Swedish covers are better than the uk and the us covers.

  3. sarah says:

    The US editions are way better than either of the UK editions. They are so full of detail, and i like that they tell parts of the story. Its so ridiculus that the UK needs an adult version anyway! I have to say though, that it is so stupid that they made JK change the title of the philosopher’s stone! I really dont get it. Im american and i still would have read hp if it had that title. I think some of the american translation is unnessisary, i mean, come on!! were not that stupid over here!!

  4. Alexandro says:

    why do you people discuss if the us or uk version is best?. Take a look at the swedish covers and you will agree with me. Swedish covers are definetely best!


  5. Alexandro says:

    why do you people discuss if the us or uk version is best?. Take a look at the swedish covers and you will agree with me. Swedish covers are definetely best!


  6. Dani H. says:

    I’m not sure where I read it, but in an interview, J.K. Rowling said she preferred the American covers to all of the other versions.

    Personally, I think the U.K. children’s covers are the worst. They seem so old and outdated.

  7. Alan Lewis says:

    I Find the American Covers very irritating. They just do not cover the idea of Harry Potter. It is not untill the Half Blood Prince have we seen some actual artwork from the American artist. Which it does start to get the idea. Showing us how the books have evolved. Although the American “Deluxe” artwork is a foolish attempt at trying to mimic the British attempt.

    I prefer the British Artwork simply because it standardises the title art and we can more easily tell the books appart rather than some kiddies multi-coloured fantasy world. The title’s are easy to read and its a simple design that works and is a unique way of identifying the series. But The American version just looks out of place and the books 1 -4 make it look as though its set in the middle-east. The title’s hard to read…the characters are very 2 – dimensional and Buckbeak looks more like a seagull.They are too complex 4 what is needed and are trying to give clues to the storyline, which is simply wrong.

    The reason the poll has tipped in the favour of the Americans is because both the british vote is split and the fact that there are many more Americans.

    The UK adult editions have slowly progressed over time from silly books that look as thoug hthey were printed in the 70’s to the OotP which has poor drawing to the HBP which is the first of those to look cool. A simple photo of an Advanced Potions Book.

  8. Sharon Blyth says:

    No doubt about it – the UK covers are best. The US covers set completely the wrong mood, sort of light and comical; cartoony.

  9. jeff poggi says:

    No set has a monopoly on either crap or quality.

    Here is the breakdown:


    UK editions, both bad, really bad. US very good.


    UK children’s horrible. UK adult really nice. US very good.


    UK editions, both really really horrible. US good.


    UK children’s horrible. UK adult beautiful. US very scary bad.


    UK both crappy. US very nice.

  10. Felicia says:

    I’m from sweden. i’ve seen many of the covers to the books. but i wish i could find a “scanned” cover – picture of the swedish ones.


    uk and us – covers look so .. ordinary cartooned. they’re like normal comic books-pictures. but on the swedish ones it’s like a painting. it’s many different colours and shades and the characters look more like humans on the swedish ones, not like cartoons as much.

    one thing that you can’t see on the pictures of the swedish ones is that on the swedish ones there’s A LOT of silver/glittery/shiny details. like the “harry potter” -text and sparkling details all over the book. it’s to bad that you can’t see it on the pictures on the internet. once i left my books in the daylight and the sun reflected images on the wall .. you know like when you’re watch reflects the sun .. sunspots! i think. anyhow, the “harry potter” text was actually reflected on the wall. on the “goblet of fire ” one there’s the skull you know, with the snake coming out of the mouth .. and the whole skull is green with sparkling (almost like those mini-mirrors you can find on india-inspired clothes) details mixed with the “green tounge” of the skull. and the dragon behind ron, harry and hermione really looks scary with fire shooting from his mouth (also mixed with mirror/shiny/sparkling-details-something). they’re so pretty .. the next time you watch a swedish cover (IN REAL LIFE) then look closely how nice they are.

    my brittish friends “mya” and “anna” agrees with me, she says the uk & us ones look more budget-ish. my mom has a american boyfriend and he also agrees with me.

    the pictures of the swedish covers on the internet doesn’t make the covers justice. imagine those covers a 100 times better in reality, then we’re talking.

    yadda yadda, i won’t nag anymore. but the swedish covers are BEAUTIFUL, not just cool or funny. they’re both grown up and fantasy-like and truly .. truly, the best.

  11. M says:

    I have to wonder if those of you who hate the US covers have actually seen one. I’m not talking about an image on the web. I mean holding the book in your hand. The US books are actually quite nice. The font isn’t nearly as detracting in real life. The covers have a nice texture to them that doesn’t come across in an image. They also have art on the whole cover instead of just the front. They look great on a shelf together because of the consistancy of the artwork.

    Although I’m no longer the Potter fan I once was, I continue to collect the US editions as soon as they come out, thinking they will be nice for my future children.

  12. adam says:

    the uk covers are much better, and big plus is that they are the original.

    what i realy want to know is…..is there any difference between the story-lines of the uk child covers, and the adult ones?….i know that there is a difference between the us and the uk stories as i have heard it from jk herself….but i dont have a clue if the stories are difefrent….i want to know…..is it just the covers to make it look more grown-up for adults, so its less emarrasing for them to get out on the train jorney home….i only wana know because ron seems like the type of person who swears allot….and the lack of him swearing (and only having this..”and ron said something that made harmiony say ‘Ronald..!!’..”)really bugs meknow what i mean….?

    just wondering….email me if you have any clue…or you own a copy of the adult version and the childrens…please share…

  13. Hugo says:

    I have exactly the same doubdt as you do… I by mistake bought the children’s version (didn’t even remember to look for the adult’s one when I was buying) and I would like to know if the texts are the same. If you have any idea please post or email me 🙂 thanks

  14. Ariel says:

    I agree with M. Looking at a picture does not do the US version justice. You really have to hold them and see them in person to understand why many people like the US version. The texture, the embossed logo – they all convey the feeling that the book you’re holding is something special. I also like the stylized Harry Potter logo. It’s quite eye-catching, in my opinion. As for the artwork, I think it looks cool. The funky artwork I think sets the books apart from other children’s books. It’s definitely not boring, that’s for sure. For some reason, I like the covers of the last 2 books (5 & 6) more than the earlier books. They’re monochromatic, but I feel that it’s appropriate considering the darker feel of those books.

    Do I like the US version more than the UK version? I can’t say, since I only have experience with the US version. But as you can probably tell, I like the US version a lot (although not so much for “Goblet of Fire”).

  15. abb says:

    Well i have never seen the UK versions in person, but the US versions, i can honestly say are the only covers that have ever interested me enough to examine. The features I like about the US versions are its strong use of detail not only on the front but on the back as well. I also like the texturized front cover, and when you take off the front cover you can also find detail that was given to its spine. i dont know about the UK version but the US version is high quality from what i can see

  16. Annick says:

    O my god, finally someone who has realised how beautiful the swedish covers are!! I am from holland, where the covers are quite nice as well as they don’t have any picture of harry at all, just the surroundings. But I was so relieved to finally discover pictures of harry, ron and hermione which looked like real people, handsome, cool and exactly as I had always pictured them in my mind while reading the story! Because the UK, US editions, any other edition actually, are just HIDIOUS. Harry looks like the biggest nerd ever.. as we all know he isn’t! I sooo wish I could actually see the real swedish covers, Felicia how can I get a swedish harry potter???

  17. Andrew says:

    I found that the US editions of harry potter are amazingly childish where was US editions of other authors ie Stephen King are actually better than the UK editions.

  18. Gary says:

    I’m a Canadian visiting the US, and just I noticed they have different covers. In Canada, we use the same UK covers.
    So now I have come to appreciate and love the original ones; they’re so much better!

    </lame reason for being proud of being Canadian> ;P

  19. marie says:

    PEOPLE!!! Take a look at the swedish cover. That is a true Harry Potter cover. The we can invite in the cover cover in the discussion

  20. felicia says:

    on the uk & us -covers harry look ugly and nerdy with flat hair.


    the first book and the last one is the only pictures with quality-scanning. all the other ones looks to bright like you’ve held a flashlight against them. picture them more dark (in real life) 😛








    spank you very much.

    P.S. I know that some of the links are very very long. but just double klick. “copy” .. then “paste”. i think you know the routine.

    thank you again.

  21. sarah says:

    Oh. I agree with Felicia. My mom’s swedish and my dad’s american. And i ALLWAYS ask for the swedish book everytime we buy one. I have to say that the links you posted is big enough Felicia. BUT! they don’t (as all potter-book-scans) do the books justice. Specially consid. that there are beautiful sparkle and glitter-details on the Swedish books that you can’t see on the computer-pictures.

    “Harry Potter And the Half Blood Prince” is very nice in the UK/US. But they don’t have the beautiful oil-painting-thing going on with (as i said) glitter. Besides, harry looks the most handsome on the Swedes. But the ULTIMATE Harry Potter-picture is the one on the bookmark you can get in sweden. The Bookmark Looks EXACTLY like i’ve imagined Harry!

    If you get your hands on a swedish bok sometime, look at it >closely

  22. Sarah says:

    (I don’t know why, but i can’t post all the stuff i wrote. Here’s the continuing of the post above).

    (I don’t know why, but i can’t post all the stuff i wrote. Here’s the continuing of the post above).

    <. I've compared my US-ones to the swedish ones. And it's like looking at "beauty and the beast". The UK and US-one is "OKAY". But the Swedish books are "WOW! WOW! WOW!"

  23. Sarah says:

    I’ve compared my US-ones to the swedish ones. And it’s like looking at “beauty and the beast”. The UK and US-one is “OKAY”. But the Swedish books are “WOW! WOW! WOW!”

  24. Krystal says:

    I’m glad that other people agree on the Swedish book covers being the best! I found some high res scans of the Swedish covers a few years ago (the link has since died), and I loved them so much that I printed the fourth book cover out and made it into a bookmark. In fact, I was searching “harry potter swedish book covers” in google, looking for working links of cover scans when I found this page.

    The Swedish books really are beautiful to look at … and I didn’t know the books had sparkles!

  25. David Larson says:

    First of all, I love Mary Grandpre’s art, not only on the US covers, but in the work she has done for some Harry Potter calendars. The calendars give her more freedom to illustrate very specific scenes. My favorites from the 2006 calendar include Detention with Umbridge, Stinksap, and Blackmailing the Beetle from “Phoenix,” The Flying Keys from “Stone,” and Cage of Light and The Pensieve from “Goblet.” If you enjoy Grandpre’s art, I recommend getting this calendar.

    I feel that Grandpre’s art (on the covers and from the chapter headings) has grown stronger as the series progresses. The covers of books 1-3 are rich in detail, but I think Grandpre seems less sure of herself on these covers, especially when portraying Harry. In books 4-6, she seems to have a solid idea of how Harry looks. I do agree that Harry on book 4 is a little too…happy…for the tone of the book and for my taste, but otherwise it’s a beautiful cover (especially Cedric. *wistful sigh*) I like that Grandpre limited her palette on 5 and 6. Can’t wait to see the art for book 7. I’m thinking that if she continues her limited palette, we may see a red/black book? I also love the soft quality the chalk pastels gives her work, especially on 5 and 6.

    As for the American limited editions…it’s complicated. There are leatherbound (or imitation leather…leatherette?) limited editions for books one and two. Green for “Stone,” red for “Chamber,” with an inset of the cover art on both. “Stone” had a bonus frontispiece of an early Harry drawing by Jo, “Chamber” had a looseleaf of the complete cover art without text. As of today, there are no American limited editions of “Prisoner” or “Goblet.” There are deluxe editions of “Phoenix” and “Prince,” which I greatly prefer over the limited 1 & 2. Both are slipcased, and both are clothbound in black (very elegant looking.) The dustjacket of both editions is different than the standard hardcover jacket. The jacket on “Order” depicts Harry and the Advance Guard landing at Number 12. It’s done in the same blue tones, and has no text whatsoever. Taken off the book, it looks like a poster, and is quite nice. The standard jacket art is used as endpapers in the deluxe edition. “Prince” is much the same. The jacket depicts Harry and Dumbledore in the pensieve at the House of Gaunt, again in the same purple and green tones, without text. It also contains a color plate depicting Bellatrix following Narcissa to Spinner’s End. There is also a 32 page section with large versions of all the interior art. The two deluxe editions are very nice, and look great on the shelf next to the standard hardcovers. Highly reccomended if you are a fan of Grandpre’s work.

    Okay, about the UK cover art. I don’t see how anyone can say Grandpre’s art is cartoonish when you compare it to 1 and 2 UK. I absolutely abhor those covers. 3 and 4 are okay. They just seem mundane, predictable, ho-hum. My favorites are 5 and 6 UK. 5 is very nice, beautiful job on Fawkes. 6, I feel, is by far the best. Very exciting and dynamic. I especially enjoy that the US and the UK 6 depict events that happen just a few minutes apart, but are so utterly different. Different artists, different visions. Beautiful work on both counts.

    A quick question. Are the UK children’s covers all by the same artist?

    I think my biggest gripe with the UK books is their lack of cohesion. Books 1 and 2 go well together, as do 3 and 4, and 5 and 6. But each pair looks as though it was done by a different artist. Aside from Harry looking slightly different from book 4 on, Grandpre has been consistent, and the US books look like parts of a whole.

    Sorry I’ve rambled on for so long. Hope I haven’t bored anyone to death. : )

    David Larson

  26. David Larson says:

    Just another quick note…

    The Swedish editions…gorgeous. Since I’ve seen the pictures of them, I’ve been hunting for copies. I found a site where they are $40-$60 each. Yikes! But I think they might be worth it. From what I can see on the tiny pics, they look incredible.

    I also like Danish covers and the German covers. The French covers are AB-SO-LUTE-LY hideous. Find them online. Look at them. Wallow in their unrelenting ugliness. From what I remember, they are orange and brown and black. Orange and brown for the fleshtones, black and brown for the backgrounds. They are…geeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaachhhhhhh. I can’t describe their monumental awfulness. Go see for yourself.

    David Larson

  27. F says:

    YEAH! krystal! they DO have beautiful sparkling and glitter details. the green skull on the GoF-cover is filled with glitter mixed with the green snake-ish thing coming out of its mouth! and the fire from the dragon is also mixed with sparkles 😀 they’re pretty much everywhere.

    every single swedish book is sparkled with “mirror-like” stuff. and on the backside, there’s allways like .. skisses? with silver. it’s like the testrals, they’re on the bak to on Ootp, but only in skissed silver. it’s like somebodys painted some of the stuff in silver. and inside the book, every page has stars on it. and at every ending of each chapter, there’s a totally black page with only stars on it. everybook has a set of stars through the whole book. and you can say it’s like a theme. every book has different kind of stars.

    and the “HARRY POTTER” is also in silver. and the describing text on the back of the book is also in silver 😀

    my favorite covers this far is GoF and Ootp. they are so powerfull.

    and if you ever get hold of a swedish copy! then you don’t have to buy it. but LOOK at it! :D:D

  28. F says:

    and up on “felicias” links! THE LINK THAT SHOWS A PICTURE OF “the goblet of fire”.

    in that picture. in the fire!, you can aaaaaalmost see a little little little bit of all the sparkling details. look closely, the black marks in the fire is a little little part of all the glittery stuff.

    well well, gotta go. see you.

  29. Virginia says:

    Both the UK and US covers are lacking, in my opinion, though I do think that the most recent monochromatic US versions are a vast improvement. But as an American, I must say that there’s *no excuse* for that god-awful US GoF cover… eeewww!! However, I do kind of like the new UK adult covers – not the B&W ones shown here – though they’re not fabulous. As an adult, I prefer them because of their simplicity and because *everything* is left to one’s imagination. But as far as children’s covers are concerned, I like the Danish, Swedish and even the Italian (though they’re more cartoonish). But the Finnish ones are too funny, and the French ones are downright horrible.

  30. Ali says:

    haha @ david larson: the swedish books cost around 15 € (around 13$ i think) so plz don’t think about buying them for 40-60$ !!!???

    actually i’m right noiw sitting in sweden visiting family and i just came from a bookstore where i simply took photos of the book covers with my digi cam (res 1600*1024)

    perhaps i’ll be able to post them later

    cya ali;)

  31. Ali says:

    haha @ david larson: the swedish books cost around 15 € (around 13$ i think) so plz don’t think about buying them for 40-60$ !!!???

    actually i’m right noiw sitting in sweden visiting family and i just came from a bookstore where i simply took photos of the book covers with my digi cam (res 1600*1024)

    4 thos who want a copy u can contact me via email then i can send u the high resp pix;)

    be happy*sing*


  32. Ali says:

    oops made a double post:p

  33. Frank says:

    hey ali i’ll send u a mail this evening. please send me a copy of the swedish covers!!


  34. Ellen says:

    I think US covers are great. They portray the story , the magical quality, the fantasy, and they give the reader bits of hints, or “peeks” into the story. As someone who has talked with hundreds of children about storytelling and how words and pictures go together, I often hear from the kids who are reading the Potter books that they absolutely love the various things poking in and out of the cover scenes. For them it is like a puzzle to figure out and to find out how that thing will present itself in the story. It encourages them to investigate it for themselves. It allows them to make a discovery and to feel more connected to the story. I also think that the US artist listens to how the author describes Harry and the other characters better than the other artists on the other books. I believe that is the responsibility of an illustrator, and I think she does that with style and flair. And on that note, you should also check out the inside art….. another example of her ability to give the reader a tasty hint of what’s to come at the beginning of each chapter. Very nice black and white tonal drawings. I think the US Potter series, along with the logo type has served to give the sereies it’s own look, one of fantasy, magic, discovery, atmoshpere and fun. Bravo, US edition.!

  35. Nina says:

    OH MY GOD. My bonus-sister is Swedish! And I live in London. I asked her to bring her books. OH MY GOD. I almost feel sorry for my UK books. The Swedish Books are so be-a-utiful. Harry is so well-done and everything. I had no idea that there where GLITTER all over the books. And stars on every page in the book. I have to buy the Swedish books now! Or maybe steal them from my sister.

    THANK YOU GOD FOR “TAPIA”. The artist who created the swedish covers, accordingly to my sister, he’s italian or something. HELLO! Da vinci. Michelangelo .. does it ring a bell?!

    Haha, Well well. Gotta go and admire the Swedes covers. Lucky bastards.

  36. Phoenix DuBois-Oka says:

    I think that the UK covers are much much mcuh better than the US covers beacues the US ones are too childish there something that would only apeall to a kindergardaner US are made for readers with more sense and are older and i like only some of the Adult covers but i was woundering is there a diffrence in the text and writing of the adult and childrens? please e-mail me and let me know phoenix_on_fire_506@hotmail.com thx im from Canada they should make an Canadian cover too!

  37. Lesante says:

    Hi there,

    the discussion about the different book cover versions is probably long gone but I just saw this website today and I wanted to stick up for the US cover versions. Sorry if I disappoint anyone, but Harry Potter IS a children’s book and thus the US covers are much more in style with the contents of the books. And yes even though the books get more serious it still remains a children’s book. I find the UK adult covers simply ridiculous, a joke. The US covers convey the humor, spirit and magic of J.K. Rowling’s story and that is what a cover shoul do. The UK versions are plain boring and not a bit creative.

  38. Joel says:

    I collect both the US and the UK versions. I have to say that the US beats all in that category. The covers are wonderful, and, in the hardback versions, the picture goes all the way across the cover when you stretch it all out. The UK version looks as if someone just doodled on paper in the middle of class (at least the first two do). In the US version, not only is the cover illustrated, but every single chapter is, too, and the point of the chapter is portrayed with these drawings. Also, if JK Rowling approved it, it’s fine by me.

    Oh, and for those who hate the titles on the US versions because they are too “spiky”, get used to it. They’re all OVER the movies, so, obviously, Rowling liked the title enough to have it in them.

    One thing I don’t like, though, is when the books are Americanized. Most American’s don’t CARE if the language is a little different. They want the story the way it was written.

    HP books are awesome, though!

  39. Sabina says:


  40. Hero Watson says:

    The Swedish covers is absolutely the best of all i’ve seen….compared to the first two british books…..they look too cartooned…and not to talk about the french ones….all of them are(excuse me) horrible….there’s nothing else I can say….Thank you Alvaro Tapia for giving us the swedish Harry Potter covers….you can see them here


    then press “Om b?rna” and thre you are..

    I promise you that you haven’t seen anything like it…..OhYeah

  41. L Hanke says:

    Goodness!! They’re RIGHT! The Swedish covers are so much better!!! I just might have to buy them and paste them onto my US books.

  42. Ben says:

    I personally like the U.S. versions the best. The children U.K. ones seem to childish, and the adult ones are way to gray and boring. The U.S. illustrator, Mary GrandPre, drew Harry exactly as the books describe him. I enjoyed her use of the lightning bolt in the “P” of “Potter.” The one thing I do not understand is the portayal of Harry in the fourth cover. GrandPre drew him smiling; Harry was not a happy character in any part of the book.

  43. Weirdo says:

    Personally, I like the US versions better, I think that they very well capture what the story is going to be about. I always want to know a little bit about a book before I read it, because I don’t want to waste time reading the first half of the book before deciding it is dumb. Now, though, I’d read a million page instruction booklet on how to get rid of scabs if JK wrote it. Of course, is Goblet Harry hardly smiles. In Order of Phoenix, though, its completely appropiate, and I like that.

    The books describe Harry that way… I think it looks much more realistic than the UK books do.

    However, I do agree that they shouldn’t have changed “jumper” to “sweater” and so on.

  44. Malin says:

    You should all check out the Swedish covers, they are by far the best ever… Check it out on http://www.harrypotter.nu. You don’t want to miss them.

  45. Ashley says:

    Haha! Well now, a British person saying that the British covers are the best and the American covers are the worst. How shocking, really.

    I took a look at the Swedish covers, they are beautiful. I really do love the American covers though – the pastel technique and everything. With the UK version, every book looks differently. I really like having books of a series “fit together” on my shelves.

    The worst ones are probably the UK Adult covers – what a horrible Photoshop job, just terrible. You Brits should stick to the writing, which you do so well – leave the art to the Europeans and Americans.

  46. Shawna says:


  47. Jimmy says:

    I think (like it matters though right) that too many people are sounding nationalistic in my opinion. I was searching for a great illustration of Harry Potter by one magazine and I fell upon this page.

    The covers are unique, but I think everyone can universally agree that the adult UK covers arent that great. The phoenix in the UK child version is absolutely brilliant. However ghastly some may think of the US versions, they are all “the same”. They all have a certain theme to it, and even though each Harry Potter is different, they show how he, like the story line, has progressed.

    UK are very nice, but I believe the US ones are great. Well, happy arguing mates! I’m going to check out those Swedish ones.

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