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Before Sunset

I’m probably biased, but I’ve always considered Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise to be a film which is loved by those who have seen it, and hated by those who haven’t. Linklater is one of the most interesting American directors working … Continue reading

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School of Rock

OK, it hasn’t been the best year for movies. But it’s still worth noting that the two best films of the year thus far have been PG-13 romps aimed at children and their parents. After the box-office phenomenon that is … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is a film about loneliness, featuring two individuals drawn to each other partly by the pull of genuine attraction but mainly by the push of having no other respite from their loneliness. Sofia Coppola, who wrote and … Continue reading

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American Splendor

I’m not entirely sure what the "dog days of summer" are, but if they exist, then surely these are they. The papers are already running summer-movie post-mortems, but the big, serious autumn films have yet to be released: in the … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Felix’s First Rule of Movies states that "films are always better on their opening weekend". Well, if that’s true, then maybe there’s a case for adding Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle to the Ten Worst Films of All Time list. Because … Continue reading

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Raising Victor Vargas

I usually feel a strong affinity for films which are set in my home cities – Mona Lisa, say, or anything by Woody Allen. New York has way, way more than its fair share of indy filmmakers, so a lot … Continue reading

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Bush and Beckham

It is the eve of war, and the mood of the world is sombre. Some developments have been heartening. In the UK, the resignation of Robin Cook and today’s debate on going to war have shown the world British parliamentary … Continue reading

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The Oscar nominations

I haven’t seen much in the blogosphere over recent days on the subject of the Oscar nominations. I’m a little surprised, since the big news is the way in which New York has triumphed over Los Angeles. Every Best Picture … Continue reading

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City of God

At the beginning of City of God, the critically-acclaimed new movie about the slums of Rio de Janeiro, a young thug in the eponymous neighborhood is showing off his footwork to some younger kids. As he kicks a football from … Continue reading

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Charlie Kaufman films and digital video

I’ve been to a lot of films recently, and I don’t have the time, I’m afraid, to write about them all. But I would like to try to correct what seems to be a general misconception that the cool new … Continue reading

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