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Zipcar Insurance: Solved!

Details here. In a nutshell, Zipcar bought Flexcar, and adopted Flexcar’s insurance policies. Hooray!

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Expensive Cities

Tim Harford addresses the perennial cost-of-living question: how come Moscow always seems to come top? Or, as his reader puts it, Just wanted to ask if there is an economic explanation for the fact that real estate in cities in … Continue reading

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Fed Cut Reactions

David Gaffen: "The market the Fed continues to brush off is the currency market… The stock market got what it wanted, which was its candy." Stephen Stanley: "This statement has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The FOMC has just … Continue reading

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The Best Newspaper Owner

Jon Binder in Chicago writes with a question: What is the best way for newspaper media companies to structure their ownership so they can still generate sustainable profit and inform the public on issues of importance? [public, private, ownership by … Continue reading

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The Market for Online Business Opinion

John Koblin has the scoop: Slate is planning to launch a new site next year, "devoted exclusively to business news and opinion". Slate editor David Plotz is quite right to say that "there’s an opening for a really smart, analytical, … Continue reading

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Behind the Zipcar-Flexcar Merger

The two leaders in the car-sharing business, Zipcar and Flexcar, are merging, in what looks very much like an acquisition of the latter by the former: the Flexcar name is disappearing, while the Zipcar CEO and headquarters are remaining in … Continue reading

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Insider Trading at Goldman? Very Unlikely

Did people named Paulson have all the best information about the mortgage crisis this summer? The Paulson Credit Opportunities fund was up 410% as of the end of August (that’s John Paulson), while now the SEC is reportedly investigating possible … Continue reading

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Finding a New Merrill CEO

As John Carney notes, it’s a little bit weird that Merrill Lynch is now headless – and just as the all-important bonus decisions are being made, too. Why no interim CEO? Carney speculates that no one is willing to do … Continue reading

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Wall Street Bonus Update

As someone who’s personally invested in this year’s Wall Street bonus pool – I have a bottle of Scotch on the line – I was quite happy to turn to page B5A of this morning’s WSJ. (Please, Mr Murdoch, can … Continue reading

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GDP Report Gives the Fed an Opt-Out From its Rate Cut

The 3.9% growth rate in thrid-quarter GDP is only preliminary, but it is very large, and it does give me a little less certain that the Fed is going to cut rates this afternoon. While housing is indeed dreadful, with … Continue reading

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