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New York Stories

Firstly, many apologies for not updating this blog in a little while. I would use the excuse that I was in Uruguay for most of the time, but that would be disingenuous, since I had (a) laptop; (b) internet connection … Continue reading

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Jeff Jarvis is pro-American

Read this. It’s an unexceptional, and unexceptionable, article by Stryker McGuire, the London bureau chief of Newsweek. The subject is anti-Americanism. It’s fading, he says: Bernard-Henri Levy recently won a debate in London arguing the proposition that ‘The American Empire … Continue reading

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Pledge a bald head!

Dear friends, strangers, kind people out there in the ether…. We have had over SEVEN AND A HALF THOUSAND POUNDS in pledges for my hair to be shaved off! Thankyou so much,- I had no idea you felt so strongly! … Continue reading

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Crossing the line

It’s been quite a week. Quite a surreal week. But great too. There are all sorts of things I want to write about and they don’t have much coherence except that they all occurred this week and were experienced by … Continue reading

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Windowless buildings

When I posted an entry on 2 Columbus Circle last month, I said that "The lack of windows gives it the feel of a prison: you imagine yourself stuck inside, unable to look out. It is an exercise in claustrophobia, … Continue reading

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Misinterpreting Greg

It’s the battle of the ArtsJournal bloggers! Taking a perfectly good Boston Globe editorial as their jumping-off point, Terry Teachout and Greg Sandow came to different conclusions about what National Public Radio (NPR) can and should do with its $200 … Continue reading

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Ten miles an hour around the globe: travelling through a meteorology text book

We have crossed the equator! I still have my hair (the ceremony is sometime this week but we won’t know when until it’s too late to run) and the fish are still flying. Birds have now joined us as well, … Continue reading

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Stefan Geens on the New York Times

Stefan Geens, once a journalist himself, really ought to know better. He’s just published a bizarre essay on his website, which alternates between bog-standard European superciliousness ("Go ahead," he tells the New York Times, "become openly slanted, crusading, editorial, the … Continue reading

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Flying Fish

I am more and more convinced of the necessity of ignorance in appreciating the world. One and a half days into a two or three day bus journey to Ayers Rock, I was dismayed when photos and postcards of our … Continue reading

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Dear friends and friendly strangers, It’s true! The dreads are being pledged. What am I doing?!!! This week, the RRS Ernest Shackleton is CROSSING THE LINE and the eight uninitiated BAS employees on board are scared. Very scared. Especially me. … Continue reading

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