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Krugman, Lewis and greed

The New York Times Magazine has given the cover of its last two issues to what it calls The Class Wars. The first story, by Paul Krugman, glossed the growing inequality in the US, and bemoans the fact that "income … Continue reading

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What are stock analysts for?

Stock analysts, the CNBC superstars of the go-go 90s, have been back in the news of late. Henry Blodget, Merrill Lynch’s star internet analyst, said one thing in internal emails and another in public reports, bringing down a $100 million … Continue reading

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Globalization and its Discontents

It’s that time of year again: the G8 is meeting, this time in Kananaskis, Canada, and the protestors are out. “Their one overriding message:” as Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show last night, “we don’t have an overriding message”. … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan, Paul Krugman and Enron

I’m worried I might be getting old. My 30th birthday is fast approaching, and I’ve recently been reminded of that old canard about how if you’re not a socialist when you’re young you don’t have a heart, and if you’re … Continue reading

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How the mighty are fallen

What do Goldman Sachs, CSFB, and Salomon Smith Barney all have in common? They all came in somewhere below Rothschild’s in the European M&A advisory league tables for the first quarter of 2001. The Guardian knows where the story is: … Continue reading

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On giving to charity

Steven Landsburg, the “armchair economist”, wrote a piece on the internet about how everybody should give all their charitable contributions to one charity. Read it, and then read my reply: Steven — You’re right, your theory on giving to charities … Continue reading

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