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Why is the NYT Breaking the Web?

Websites get old, and need to be redesigned occasionally. That we understand. But the first rule of designing a website is that you make sure you can redesign it without breaking all the incoming links. And the first rule of … Continue reading

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Newsweek’s Fearful Krugman Profile

Evan Thomas has a profile of Paul Krugman on the cover of Newsweek. The 2,825-word article has six on-the-record quotes about Krugman; none of them — not even the one from his mother — are particularly flattering. No one is … Continue reading

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Adventures in Flackery, Private Jet Edition

Two high-profile financial columnists filed two strikingly similar opinions on corporate jets today: A private plane is really a flying office. It is a way for a busy executive to get from one place to another as efficiently as possible, … Continue reading

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Alex Dalmady, the MSM, and Stanford

Alex Dalmady, the analyst who broke the Stanford story, has a blog now, and he’s not afraid to use it: his latest blog entry has appeared with the headline "The WALL STREET JOURNAL can kiss my ass!": (Update: Dalmady’s entire … Continue reading

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Magazine Cover of the Year

There really can’t be any doubt about this one: World Finance splashes Sir Allen Stanford all over the cover of its Jan/Feb 2009 issue. And the prose couldn’t be any more glowing, or more ironic: World Finance’s 2008 Man of … Continue reading

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Stanford: The MSM’s Caution

While it’s somewhat heartening to see the MSM pick up the Stanford story, one can’t help but be struck by the ultracautious way in which they’re doing so. The WSJ, for instance, finally gets on the case today, under the … Continue reading

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Kanjorski and the Money Market Funds: The Facts

With the Kanjorski Meme still spreading (see Ben Smith, Andrew Leonard, Moldbug, and more), I think I’m finally able to squash it with some hard figures: there never was a $500 billion outflow from any asset class in the space … Continue reading

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The Kanjorski Meme

This is the way that memes propagate: after appearing on LiveLeak and being picked up by Zero Hedge (twice), Paul Kedrosky, and Clusterstock, it hit BoingBoing, and now it’s everywhere: Panzer, Alphaville, SAR, the Economist, you name it. I’ve been … Continue reading

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The CNBC Cacophony, Taleb-Roubini Edition

Josh Marshall points to a classic case of people talking past each other, when Nassim Taleb and Nouriel Roubini appear on CNBC to talk about big-picture economic crisis, while the anchors in the studio are interested in things like why … Continue reading

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Why Micropayments Won’t Work for the NYT

I’m not sure why the micropayments-as-the-savior-of-journalism meme seems to have taken off of late, but I’m glad there are lots of people trying to squash it: I’d particularly recommend Gabe Sherman and Clay Shirky. But in the case of Steve … Continue reading

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