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Why Live Nation Shouldn’t Merge With Ticketmaster

I got an interesting email last night from Michael Hershfield, the CEO of ticket site LiveStub, about the proposed Ticketmaster/Live Nation tie-up. If this deal goes ahead, then it seems we might be moving, without even realizing it, to a … Continue reading

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Ticketmaster-Live Nation: Mission Improbable

One congressman is already calling for an antitrust investigation of Ticketmaster — and that’s before any merger with Live Nation is even announced. If the Obama administration wants to demonstrate clearly to corporate America that the laissez-faire attitude of its … Continue reading

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JP Morgan: A Better Acquirer than Bank of America

Once Citigroup has been broken up, America will have two big financial supermarkets: Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. There are many differences between them, but a very big one is their track record when it comes to recent … Continue reading

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Who Will Take Over Citi?

As John Carney notes today, Citigroup’s market capitalization is $21 billion; that of Goldman Sachs is $20 billion. Can anyone say "merger of equals"? Nothing’s unthinkable in this market, not even the idea that you can tie two rocks together … Continue reading

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Where Buyers Should be Looking

There was an interesting exchange just now on the deals panel, between Jim Casella, of Case Interactive Media, and Michael Wolff. If you have cash right now, said Casella, it’s a great time to be a buyer. This has been … Continue reading

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The Duplicitous Sheila Bair

After Wachovia agreed to be bought by Wells Fargo on Friday, the FDIC’s Sheila Bair put out a press release saying that her agency "stands behind its previously announced agreement with Citigroup". Except, it wasn’t quite as simple as that. … Continue reading

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Where is Citi’s M&A Expertise?

Bill Ackman made an interesting point at the Value Investing Congress today: Citi announced its deal with Wachovia on Monday September 29, at which point both boards had signed off on it. Given that all the specifics were in place, … Continue reading

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Wachovia: Getting Messy

The fight over Wachovia is getting messy. Court judgments are getting overruled; obscure provisions in the bailout legislation are taking on a crucial importance; the Fed is acting like King Solomon, splitting the baby between the West Coast and the … Continue reading

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How Much Will a Wells-Wachovia Deal Cost Taxpayers?

Anybody following the fight between Citi and Wells Fargo has to read Binyamin Appelbaum’s front-page piece in the Washington Post on the tax assumptions behind the Wells Fargo offer. In touting the deal, Wells Fargo executives said they did not … Continue reading

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Citi Examines its Carrots and Sticks

I just got off the phone with Carl Tobias, a professor at Richmond School of Law; I asked him whether the exclusivity agreement between Citigroup and Wachovia was worth the paper it was written on. His take was that it’s … Continue reading

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