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Vikram Pandit is Still a Robot

Did you really think that Vikram Pandit would really manage to leave Citigroup without topping his infamous memo from last June? His effort today includes one of the most astonishing sentences ever to emanate from a megabank CEO: We are … Continue reading

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The Parallel Universe of Leadership Events

The World Business Forum is a two-day event; I only made the second afternoon. But even that was enough to almost make my head explode. I knew in theory that there’s an almost insatiable appetite for motivational speakers and leadership … Continue reading

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In Search of Executive Economists

Richard Baldwin has forgotten his Oxford comma: I was on panel with Alan Blinder, the CEO of Boston Consulting Group and the UAE trade minister. I’m glad he did, because the vision of Blinder — or any Nobel economics laureate … Continue reading

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Why Citi Needs Rubin

What is it with all these Citi memos which are coming out? There was the Asia reshuffle, the Markets reshuffle, the axing of the executive committee, and now the investment bank expenses memo. The weird thing is that all of … Continue reading

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When Vikram met Jim

The scene: Vikram Pandit’s office at 399 Park Avenue. Pandit is pacing uncomfortably in front of Sandy Weill’s old fireplace. Through the door enters Jim Forese, head of Citi’s capital markets group. Pandit: Jim. Have a seat. Forese: Mr Pandit. … Continue reading

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Annals of Deckchair Rearrangement, Citigroup Asia Edition

Tony Munroe of Reuters does his best today to report on the latest changes to the Citigroup Asia org chart, but it’s not an easy task — especially when the regional CEO, Ajay Banga, starts talking about bringing "the organizations … Continue reading

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The Vocation of Leadership

According to Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, leadership is a vocation, and he’s certainly not doing it for the money. Kevin Maney asked him why he took the job, and he gave a very long answer. Here’s a chopped-down … Continue reading

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Pandit: Still Going in Circles

Gary Weiss profiles Vikram Pandit in this month’s magazine, and his conclusion seems spot-on: What Citigroup needs now is not a wannabe Sandy Weill but someone with the elusive qualities needed to revive the banking giant from its slump. Pandit’s … Continue reading

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How Long Will Rick Wagoner Last?

Joe Nocera is taking to blogging like Steve Jobs took to turtlenecks: “Rick has the unified support of the entire board to a person,” the company’s lead outside director, George M.C. Fisher, told Bill Vlasic of The Times in an … Continue reading

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Jimmy Cayne’s Latest Own-Goal

Jimmy Cayne has been speaking at length with Fortune’s William Cohan, and has now managed to tell his side of the story. No wonder people don’t like him much: he comes across really badly even here. After reading the piece, … Continue reading

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