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John Bird and John Fortune are Back!

Happy weekend to you all.

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Executives’ Heads on a Pike

Fortune’s Roger Parloff can paint quite a picture: An angry mob of investors and taxpayers is assembling, and they want to see some executives’ heads on pikes. Astonishingly, this photo just came in from the wonderful David Sunstrum. The angry … Continue reading

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Josh Giersch has a wonderful financial devil’s dictionary up today. Here are some of my favorites: Correction What stock analysts issue after slapping a "buy" recommendation on a stock that subsequently goes to zero. Credit default swap A financial instrument … Continue reading

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Financial One-Liner of the Day

The comfort you get from a triple-A rating is like the comfort you get from locking three car doors. (Thanks to CaptainJJack for the inspiration)

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Video of the Day: Bleed the World

Pure genius. Especially the Bono bit.

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Flow Chart of the Day

Zubin’s flow chart of the Palin Economy: As Zubin says, Not only will the bailout help us with the overall economy, but we’ll also improve health care, jobs, trade, the budget, AND the tax system. And one other thing, too: … Continue reading

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Financial One-Liner of the Day

As shared with David Altig: "The problem with financial institution balance sheets is that on the left hand side nothing is right and on the right hand side nothing is left."

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Picture of the Day

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Photo of the Day

From the Wall Street Sweetheart:

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Call to (Broken) Arms of the Day

Jokes are far from unheard-of in academic papers, but an entire series of belly laughs is rare indeed. Run don’t walk to Hazardous Journey, the full title of which is "Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to … Continue reading

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When Vikram met Jim

The scene: Vikram Pandit’s office at 399 Park Avenue. Pandit is pacing uncomfortably in front of Sandy Weill’s old fireplace. Through the door enters Jim Forese, head of Citi’s capital markets group. Pandit: Jim. Have a seat. Forese: Mr Pandit. … Continue reading

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A Torrid Tale of Love, Lies, and Collateralized Debt Obligations

Robin Kane might be winning the financial mixed-metaphor contest, but when it comes to tortured similes, Ray Pasimio has the competition truly beat. Ladies and gentlemen, the worthy recipient of a Dishonorable Mention in the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: Carey, … Continue reading

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When Markets Break

How do you know that markets are broken? Sometimes it’s the presence of a clean arbitrage like that in Thomson Reuters shares. But there’s a much bigger weirdness going on right now: as John Carney reports, the spread on long-dated … Continue reading

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Song of the Year

On the fourth day of Crisis the markets sold to me Foreclosure loans Three French funds Two structured notes and a sub-prime bankruptcy. From Tim Price, of course. Go read the whole thing.

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