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New York Employment Datapoint of the Day

From Richard Florida’s Atlantic cover story: Financial positions account for only about 8 percent of the New York area’s jobs, not too far off the national average of 5.5 percent. By contrast, they make up 28 percent of all jobs … Continue reading

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New York City Datapoint of the Day

The Center for an Urban Future has released a startling report on the fate of New York’s middle classes — even as the population of the city continues to grow, its middle class is shrinking, and when it comes to … Continue reading

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Pricing Parking in Chicago

Barbara Kiviat understands, I think, why Chicago sold off its parking meters on the cheap: Chicago hadn’t raised rates on some of its meters in 20 years–there’s a lot of value to be had by the person who doesn’t fear … Continue reading

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Inequality in New York

Ed Glaeser, Matt Resseger, and Kristina Tobio have a new paper out on urban inequality (ungated version here), which declares Manhattan (New York County) to be the most unequal county in the US: While Manhattan is the physical embodiment of … Continue reading

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NYC’s Fiscal Crisis

How did Mike Bloomberg end up changing the rules so that he could run for a third term as mayor? Let’s ask NYC speaker Christine Quinn: “It’s a piece of legislation and a vote and a choice that is a … Continue reading

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The NYC Bailout

New York and other big cities always complain that they provide vastly more in federal tax revenues than they receive back from the government in benefits. But John Gapper makes an excellent point: The U.S. government’s latest plan to buy … Continue reading

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Goolsbee 1-0 Salmon

Back in March 2006, Austan Goolsbee was a little-known Chicago economics professor, and I was an all-but-unknown blogger. In a fit of dudgeon, I took it upon myself to attack an article that Goolsbee wrote in Slate on the subject … Continue reading

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Commuting Datapoint of the Day

Matthew Garrahan reports on the housing bust in Merced, California: Like Stockton and Modesto, Merced is within commuting distance of San Francisco and the Bay Area, which made it appealing to investors. Some numbers from Google Maps: Merced, CA to … Continue reading

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A Fun Train of Thought

I’m heartened by Christopher Conkey’s piece in the WSJ today saying that Amtrak is getting more financial and political support than ever. And about time too! My imagination was also sparked by a stray metonym: One measure of progress will … Continue reading

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The Cost of Commuting: 500GD/M

SAR asks: Is there a simple formula that combines the price of gasoline, the one-way commute in miles, and per-hour wages that will let those in the exurbs (and soon, suburbs) figure out when it’s time to move back to … Continue reading

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