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Brandeis, UMIFA, and UPMIFA

The WSJ has a good article today on the UMIFA vs UPMIFA endowment debate, although it sensibly avoids even mentioning the acronyms. In case you’re not a non-profit legislation nerd, it basically comes down to when you can spend your … Continue reading

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Good News: Brandeis Backpedals

Brandeis president Jehuda Reinharz has given interviews with both the Boston Globe and the Brandeis student newspaper, the Hoot, in which he starts backpedalling madly on the subject of closing the Rose Art Museum. (As Richard Lacayo notes, the very … Continue reading

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How Brandeis Has Changed the Museum World Forever

Donn Zaretsky responds to my post below, which says that museums should have control over their collections: Why must the museum have full control over whether or not a given work is sold? Why can’t the university overrule the museum? … Continue reading

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Deaccessioning Datapoint of the Day

One of the most scandalous aspects of l’affair Brandeis/Rose is the fact that the Rose doesn’t need any money, and is essentially being raped by its parent. Donors to the Rose Art Museum probably never stopped to wonder whether their … Continue reading

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Art as a Financial Asset Class

This is one of the most depressing abstracts I’ve seen in a while: This paper analyzes the performance and risk-return characteristics of three major emerging art markets: Russia, China, and India… The Russian art market exhibits positive correlations with most … Continue reading

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Why Brandeis is Closing the Rose Art Museum

The Brandeis Hoot has put up an audio recording of a Wednesday presentation from Jehuda Reinharz, the president of Brandeis University, and Peter French, its COO. There are summaries here and here which give an idea of how the presentation … Continue reading

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How Deaccessioning Rules Doomed the Rose Art Museum

Shortly after posting my blog entry on Brandeis and the Rose Art Museum this morning, I received a series of unsigned emails, demanding that I take the blog down, asking that I hand over not only my own phone number … Continue reading

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Brandeis and Rose: The Numbers Emerge

Many thanks to Paddy Johnson for tipping me off to an astonishing article by Judith Dobrzynski at the Daily Beast, who’s managed to get the COO of Brandeis University, Peter French, to go on the record about his decision to … Continue reading

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A Deaccessioning Thought Experiment

This is for Tyler Green, who hates the idea of museums "deaccessioning" (ie selling) art in order to pay their operating expenses. And it’s based around an imaginary institution I’m calling the Museum of Underappreciated Art, or MUA. MUA is … Continue reading

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The Deaccessioning Debate

I’ve been catching up on the art blogs this slow news day, which means catching up on a long and sometimes confusing debate about deaccessioning which was sparked by the sale of two paintings by New York’s National Academy. Ground … Continue reading

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