Felix Salmon is the senior editor at Fusion. His email is felix at this domain name.

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  1. Anna Miller says:


    How can I contact with the Author?

  2. Mark Close says:

    Is Reuters ever going to get the blogs up again? Seriously, how incompetent can they be?

    It’s truly bizarre how long they’ve been down.

  3. mic says:

    Could not find a follow button.

  4. Stephen says:

    Nice header. Is Reuters into blotter acid or just you? :)

  5. Alan28 says:

    Hi Felix,

    I am one of the latest victims of AFA Press. I joined the company without really knowing the scam that they do around the world, after 3 weeks I left the company.

    I was wondering if you can tell me how to stop this kind of organisation, at least their directors? They are continuing their scams here in Mexico and wish I could do something to stop them.


  6. Jerry Fresia says:

    Dear Felix,

    Your blog on “Occupy Art” was brilliant. I’m a professional artist and have long believed
    that the control of the art industry by a tiny few for their own financial gain amounts to not only to a manipulation of artistic production in multiple ways, it is the private control of creativity.

    The burden rests upon artists themselves who either resist this plutocracy in art, and swing wide the doors of creativity, or we can ignore power and enter into relationships which distort both creativity and the people we become.

    Thanks for the piece.

  7. gwendolyn salmon hughes says:

    I am interested in your heritage as my maiden name is Salmon. I am 59 yrs. old. I live in Virginia, and my family has been in Virginia since the early 1600s. I saw your response to the NRA announcement, and noted your name. I am originally from Lynchburg, VA. Please respond concerning your background, as this is is an unusual name.

  8. vps says:

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  10. Mercy Karen says:


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  11. saucymugwump says:

    I’ve been 86ed from Reuters so I will leave this comment here regarding Salmon’s recent column “The JP Morgan apologists of CNBC,” especially with respect to Maria Bartiromo. Anyone wishing to read two sarcastic takes on Bartiromo should read the two below blog posts. However, anyone who is PC or missing a sense of humor should not read them.

    The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams for May 1, 2013
    Religious sex dolls [revised]

  12. Mary says:

    As a journalist struggling to secure a full time job, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your article… I found a position online for ‘International Journalist’ with AFA Press via LinkedIn and as a lover of the written word and indeed, travelling, I applied with a spark of hope in my heart…

    However, my journalistic radar was on red alert when, despite having more than 5 years of experience in print media and being a published author, I received an email from the company telling me that my resume suited the role of ‘International Sales Consultant’.

    How baffled I was, considering I have no sales experience whatsoever, so I took to researching the company. You have just saved me from what appears to be any journalist’s nightmare and a dreary old time of being the female ‘soft sales approach’ sidekick to an untrained counterpart.

    I can’t thank you enough…keep up the good work!

  13. Lorenzo Bertolotto says:

    Felix Salmon,
    I’m a cooper union student. We just received a draft of the new Code of Cunduct for students. The new document greatly reduces freedoms of students and gives the administration the possibility to suspend students without any judicial review.
    It is an outrageous unconstitutional document that the board of Trustees is imposing on the student body.

    Among other things students can be prosecuted for :”communicating repeatedly in a manner to seriously annoy a reasonable person” or “Behaviour that disturbs the peace, academic study, or sleep off campus”

    I thought you might be interested

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  15. Luis Rincon says:

    Hello.. I am trying to find a story you wrote about finding the author of a letter you found in NYC.

    I remember it was in installments(?)


  16. Alexia Borg says:

    Felix !
    Thank you so much for your article about AFA PRess, I am in Madrid right now for a “selective triaining” and I just realized the big scam it is. I want to write a blog about the “sales consultant” position. You saved a lot of journalists careers thanks to your blog, I want to save Marketing careers with mine. I need your advise, please how can I contact you ?

    Many thanks !

  17. A1b5jj says:

    Hi, Now that you are unaffiliated (?) you can write the truth! I for one am always amazed how much blatant a$$-kissing goes in the financial press. They are so uncritical and awe struck when interviewing supposed investment geniuses like Ray Dalio and Bill Gross. The more I read about those two guys, the more they sound like TM cult leaders running a ponzi racket. We need a few independent Harry Markopolos type investigators on this beat!

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  19. Disappointed says:


    I’m a fan — which is all the more reason why I was puzzled to hear what you said on Marketplace earlier this month. With regards to the anemic economic recovery, you gave the Fed credit and yet blamed Obama because he was “in charge of fiscal policy.” That’s not entirely true, and I think you know that. The president may have ideas re fiscal policy but he’s not a dictator and it requires Congress to work with him to get fiscal policy passed and enacted. Republicans have stone-walled anything Obama has wanted to do when it came to fiscal policy and even when he was able to get a stimulus package passed, it was WOEFULLY too small considering the damage wrought by the 2008 recession/depression, and too skewed to tax cuts versus spending. And then you mentioned the sequester — who was responsible for that, Obama? Really? That was all GOP, forced on Obama, who was against it.

    Your comments were inaccurate and misleading. Normally you do much better.

    Note that during prior recessions for Reagan, Clinton and GW Bush, federal spending was at a MUCH higher level in the form of stimulus than Obama was afforded by this obstructionist GOP. I can send you the charts / facts. Reagan in particular had the benefit of enormous federal spending to lift the economy out of recession — it wasn’t just tax cuts, not by a longshot! Given the magnitude of the 2008 recession, Obama’s stimulus needed to be 2x to 3x larger to be equivalent to past spending stimulus during recessions.

    And Ben Bernanke admitted all of this in his periodic Fed comments, regularly inferring that the Fed was doing more than it should to compensate for the lack of fiscal policy from Congress. So you’re correct in giving the Fed credit as it was forced to be the adult in the room given the snotty GOP children.

  20. Saw your interview on Charlie Rose and like your rye independent interpretative view of the economy

  21. Jackie says:

    Am watching you on Charlie Rose right now. I like the way you think. Will be checking in on your blog often.

  22. Jon Chow says:

    Hi Felix,

    Just read your “Advice for budding Journalists” post – wow!

    As the founder of a free, crowdsourced career advice community, it’s really refreshing to find people like you who are so willing to speak openly and honestly about their industry and provide advice to others.

    Keep up the great work!!

  23. Lauraine says:


    I’d like to inquire if it’s possible to purchase advertising space on felixsalmon.com.

    If there is any space available please let me know and we could discuss further details.

    Looking forward to your positive reply.



  24. Cary says:

    Hi Felix,

    My name is Cary and I am currently a senior in high school. Part of my graduation requirement involves a senior thesis and presentation. I have chosen to focus on art monetization and what impact it has on art’s purpose. “Occupy Art” was a big reason I became interested in this topic.
    I have no doubt that you are extremely busy, however, I was hoping I could get in contact with you as part of my research process.
    Any response would be greatly appreciated.


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  28. Aleksey says:

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  29. Willis says:

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  30. Kaya McMullen says:

    Hi Felix,

    My name is Kaya McMullen and I’m a journalism student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I am doing a media outlet report on Fusion and was wondering if it would be possible to set up a 10-15 minute phone interview with you sometime this week. Please let me know.


    Kaya McMullen
    Loyola Marymount University

  31. Nitin Arora says:

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  32. Pauline Weil says:

    Hello Felix,

    I am contacting you as I am currently working on my Masters thesis on the deals signed by Greece and issued by Goldman Sachs in 2000 and 2001.

    I am referring to the swap currency deals that helped disguise a part of Greek debt.

    I have read everything you have written on the subject, and after a lot of research I still have large dark areas. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding the matter.

    I would very much appreciate the opportunity.

    Thank you very much,

    Pauline Weil

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  36. Binosh says:

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  37. Peter says:

    Am watching you on Charlie Rose right now. I like the way you think. Will be checking in on your blog often.

  38. Poulin Price says:

    I saw you on screen and i like it the way you expresses,

  39. Stewards Mike says:

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  40. Anonymous says:

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