This GOP bill is the perfect example of robbing the poor to pay the rich

Trump voters constitute a huge proportion of the people who will be most harmed by this bill.

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One Response to This GOP bill is the perfect example of robbing the poor to pay the rich

  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Presidents do incredibly stupid things. We can already write a book about Trump in that regard.

    But I have a real problem with Obama that no one in the press cared about, or as near as I can tell, even reported. In 2016, he spoke at SXSW, amazingly about the need for continued phone surveillance by the NSA.

    Okay, reasonable minds can disagree. But I cannot understand why he was there without condemning the cancelling of women in gaming sessions (which were supposed to be held offsite, because they were banished from the convention center) because of death threats against women. This told me, in no uncertain terms, that he didn’t believe in anything except his own superiority. I simply cannot understand how a President can even speak at a conference where women are first banished, then cancelled. If he has to speak, he has to speak out against this. Instead, he ignored it. Almost a year later, I remain beside myself at how a sitting President could do this. He basically gave support to an organization that condemns women in this way.

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