Extra Credit, Monday Edition

Unfair Disclosure: Companies Still Not Posting To The Web

Goldman, Morgan Stanley sink; analysts cut outlook: Although the price targets are still multiples of where the stocks are now trading. As they say, how’s that working out?

Insider Trading, or Political Persecution? SEC vs Mark Cuban: the email leaks begin.

Clarification on why I write this blog: Willem Buiter. "I make no concessions to my readers. Why should I?"

Jerry Yang out: In which Dan Lyons calls the Yahoo PR department a "crack team of lying sacks of shit". Nicely done, sir!

Jerry Yang’s Entire Memo to His Employees on Stepping Down as CEO: It’s filled with even more meaningless jargon than the memo he issued on taking the job.

Could you do the egg bacon gloom and sausage without the gloom then?

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