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Ben Stein Watch: September 30, 2007

I’m a uniter, not a divider. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I don’t like to engage in the politics of personal destruction. But as Jonathan Landman might say, we have to stop Ben Stein from writing for the Times. … Continue reading

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Song of the Year

On the fourth day of Crisis the markets sold to me Foreclosure loans Three French funds Two structured notes and a sub-prime bankruptcy. From Tim Price, of course. Go read the whole thing.

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Could the UAW buy GM?

As part of the GM-UAW settlement, GM is paying $29.9 billion upfront into an animal called a VEBA, or Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association. It will also add somewhere between $5.4 billion and $7 billion more to that VEBA down the … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Winning a Liberty Medal

A rock star receives the Liberty Medal yesterday in Philadelphia. With her is some Irish dude. (Via TED Blog. Photograph by Jim Young/Reuters/Landov.)

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Apple Solves International Roaming Problem

Thank you, Apple! The iPhone is a great product, but one of its biggest weaknesses was the fact that it was incredibly easy to run up enormous cellphone bills if you use the data services abroad, either inadvertently or on … Continue reading

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Adventures in Aggregation

The entire econoblogosphere, in one place.

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Proof that Manhattan is Still the Capital of the World

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Econowisecrack of the Day

Tyler Cowen: Mark Broski, a loyal MR reader, asks: If you woke up one morning and said to yourself, "You know what my problem is? My damn discount rate is too high." What would you do, if anything, to lower … Continue reading

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The Economics of A-Rod

I neither know nor care much about baseball, which means I don’t read Will Leitch’s Deadspin. I did, however, read his excellent article in New York magazine about what’s going to happen to Alex Rodriguez’s contract at the end of … Continue reading

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John Carney Doesn’t Like Shareholder Democracy

How much do you care about shareholder democracy? John Carney, of Dealbreaker, cares a lot. He’s a fan of people like Lynn Stout and Larry Ribstein, who say that shareholder democracy is a very bad idea, and he’s willing to … Continue reading

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