How Blogging Can Send You Round The Bend

Or, How A Throwaway Blog Entry Can Sap Your Will To Live… it all started with one of those silly little articles the WSJ runs in its Career Journal section, this one headlined “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job“. It got picked up by Barry Ritholtz, which gave it some semblance of relevance, so I thought I’d point out that the big headline on page B7 of the paper WSJ was actually “How Blogging on the Web Can Help You Get a New Job”. Yeah. Blogging on the Web. Which struck me because Steven Weisman of the NYT today had this to say about Paul Wolfowitz:

The highly unusual message sent out by Mr. Wolfowitz, a former deputy defense secretary who was appointed to the bank presidency by President Bush, came after weeks of discussions, both within the bank and, following an article about the subject in The Washington Post, elsewhere around Washington and in the world of Internet blogs.

If you’re a blogger, two=trend, and so I had myself a nice little throwaway blog entry there. So I tried to scan the WSJ page, and the scanner kept on crashing Photoshop. So I took a digital photo of the WSJ page, and tried to upload that to my computer, but halfway through the upload my external hard drive stopped responding. And so I’ve spent roughly the last 90 minutes trying to troubleshoot my HD problems, to no avail, and I’m now reduced to hoping that if I take it into the shop they will at least be able to back it up for me somehow.

Now, realistically, none of this had anything to do with my blog entry — it just so happened that the photo which seemingly broke the hard drive was a photo I wanted for my blog. But I’m blaming the blog anyway, because blaming the HD itself (a Western Digital MyBook, since you ask, which I bought because it was meant to be much more reliable than most external hard drives) is so boring.

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