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Rant of the Day: Daniel Davies on Afrobollocks

Poor Edmund Sanders. He writes a perfectly well-intentioned article about Ethiopia’s famine, complete with interview with prime minister Meles Zenawi, only to run into the acid pen of Dsquared: Bonus points for the mention of "the Chinese model" in a … Continue reading

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Carl Icahn Gets Bloggier

It’s well known that one of the first things that happens to grown men after they get a blog is that they get SIWOTI disease. And Carl Icahn, it seems, is no exception. He still feels constrained from putting up … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Him Angry, You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

The Epicurean Dealmaker weighs in on the Goldman "acceleration" plan. He warms up slowly: sick bastard… lie and dissemble… dodge and weave… weak-kneed, lily-livered, unprincipled, ball-less, gutless, prevaricating, backstabbing, motherfucking pussy… weasel… despicable… But then he really gets going. There … Continue reading

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